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Email Documents using Word 2010

In this chapter, we will discuss how to email documents using Word 2010. Microsoft Word can be used to send a Word document in an email as an attachment directly at the given email address without opening your email program. This chapter will teach you simple ways of sending email in a variety of formats, including a Word document file (DOC) attachment or a PDF, among others.

Mailing Documents

Following are the simple steps to send a word document as an attachment at the given email address.

Step 1 − Open the document you want to send using e-mail as an attachment.

Step 2 − Click the File tab and then click the Save & Send option from the left most column; this will display a number of options to Save & Send, you will have to select the Send using Email option available in the middle column.

Send Email Options

Step 3 − The third column will have various options to send email which allows you to send your document as an attachment in DOC format or you can send your Word document in a PDF format. Click a method to send the document. I'm going to send my document in PDF format.

When you click the Send as PDF option, it displays the following screen where you can type the email address to which you want to send your document, email subject and other additional messages as well. To send email to multiple recipients, separate each e-mail address with a semicolon (;) and a space.

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