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Setting Text Fonts in Word 2010

In this chapter, we will discuss how to set the text fonts and size in Word 2010. Microsoft word allows you to use different fonts with different size. You can change your document's appearance by changing the fonts and their size. Usually you use different fonts for paragraphs and headings. It is important to learn how to use different fonts. This chapter will teach you how to change a font and its size in simple steps.

Change the Font Type & Size

We will understand in brief the font buttons that we will further use in this tutorial. Following is a screenshot to show you a few font related buttons.

Font Type

Step 1 − Select the portion of text the font of which needs to be changed and click the Home tab. Now click the Font Type button to list down all the fonts available as shown below.

Font List

Step 2 − Try to move the mouse pointer over the listed fonts. You will see that the text font changes when you move the mouse pointer over different fonts. You can use the Font Scroll Bar to display more fonts available. Finally select a desired font by clicking over the font name in the list. We have selected MV Boli as the font for our sample text.

MV Boli

Step 3 − Similar way, to change the font size, click over the Font Size button which will display a font size list. You will use the same procedure to select a desired font size that you have used while selecting a font type.

Font Size

Use Shrink and Grow Buttons

You can use a quick way to reduce or enlarge the font size. As shown in the first screenshot, the Shrink Font button can be used to reduce the font size whereas the Grow Font button can be used to enlarge the font size.

Font Grow and Shrink Buttons

Try to click either of these two buttons and you will see the effect. You can click a single button multiple times to apply the effect. Each time you click either of the buttons, it will enlarge or reduce the font size by 1 point.

Clear Formatting Options

All of the setting can be reset to plain text, or the default formatting. To reset text to default settings −

Step 1 − Select the portion of text that you want to reset.

Step 2 − Click the Clear Formatting button in the Home tab Font group, or simply use Ctrl + SPACEBAR.

Clear Formatting Buttons
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