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Undo Changes in Word 2010

In this chapter, we will discuss how to undo and redo changes in Word 2010. Microsoft word provides two important features called the Undo and the Repeat or Redo. The Undo feature is used to undo the previous action and the Repeat or Redo feature is used to repeat the previous action.

For example, if you mistakenly delete text, you can use the Undo feature to recover it. In a similar way, if you delete a character and you want to delete more characters then you can use the Repeat operation.

How to use Undo & Repeat operations

You can access the Undo and Repeat buttons from the Quick Access toolbar. You should make a note that the Repeat button is also called Redo button and both the operations have the same meaning.

Undo and Repeat Buttons

Here is the simple procedure to apply undo or repeat (redo) operations −

Step 1 − Let us type some text in a blank document. Now click the Repeat (Redo) button and you will see that Word will repeat the same operation for you.

Repeat Operation

Step 2 − Now to examine the undo operation, let us delete the last word operation character by character so that you have the following text remaining in the line.

Undo Operation

Step 3 − Let us try to click the Undo button one by one. You will see that Word will recover all the deleted characters one by one after performing a few undo operations.

Undo Operation2

Shortcuts to use Undo & Repeat operations

Though you can access the Undo and Repeat commands from the Quick Access toolbar, but because these commands are the most frequently used commands, we recommend you memorize their keyboard shortcuts which are as follows −

S.No Shortcuts & Operation

Ctrl + Z

Undoes the previous action.


Ctrl + Y

Repeats the previous action.

Note that if the previous action was Undo, Ctrl+Y redoes the Undone action.

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