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Save Document in Word 2010

In this chapter, we will discuss how to save a document in Word 2010.

Saving New Document

Once you are done with typing in your new Word document, it is time to save your document to avoid losing work you have done on a Word document. Following are the steps to save an edited Word document −

Step 1 − Click the File tab and select the Save As option.

Save As Option

Step 2 − Select a folder where you will like to save the document, Enter the file name which you want to give to your document and Select the Save As option, by default it is the .docx format.

Save Option

Step 3 − Finally, click on the Save button and your document will be saved with the entered name in the selected folder.

Saving New Changes

There may be an instance when you open an existing document and edit it partially or completely, or an instance where you may like to save the changes in between editing of the document. If you want to save this document with the same name, then you can use either of the following simple options −

  • Just press the Ctrl + S keys to save the changes.

  • Optionally you can click on the floppy icon available at the top left corner and just above the File tab. This option will also help you save the changes.

  • You can also use the third method to save the changes, which is the Save option available just above the Save As option as shown in the above screenshot.

If your document is new and it was never saved so far, then with either of the three options, Word will display a dialogue box to let you select a folder, and enter the document name as explained in case of saving new document.

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