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Context Help in Word 2010

In this chapter, we will discuss Context Help in Word 2010. Microsoft Office provides more than one method for calling up Help when you need it. We will discuss a few important methods in this chapter −

Context Sensitive Help

This is the easiest way of getting help about any of the options available at word screen. You just need to bring your mouse pointer over an option and wait for 2 seconds, MS Word will pop-up a small balloon help giving you detail about the operation. If word has additional help for that option, then it gives the option Press F1 for more help as shown below when you bring your mouse pointer over the color fill option. You can press the F1 key to get further help on this option.

Context Help

Using F1 Key

You can press the F1 key when you are in the middle of doing something and Office will display the various categories of help as shown below. You can either search a keyword using the Search option or you can browse the listed categories to go through a topic in detail −

Using F1 Button

Using Help Icon

You can also have similar help window as shown above, by clicking the Help icon located just above the right edge of the ribbon as shown below −

Using Help Icon

Using Help Option

You can communicate with Microsoft using the Help option available under the File tab.

Using Help Option

As shown above, you can use Microsoft Office Help to launch the Help window, or Getting Started link to go to Microsoft’s official website, otherwise use the Contact us option to contact Microsoft via email or phone.

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