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Preview Documents in Word 2010

In this chapter, we will discuss the preview of documents in Word 2010. When you are ready for printing your Word document, it is always recommended to preview the document before you send the document for final printing. During preview of the document you might discover that the set margin is not appropriate or many items may not look good after printing so better to fix them after having a preview of the document. You can also have the option to specify which pages to print, select a printer, specify the paper size on which you want to print, and set the other printing options.

Preview Documents

The following steps will help you preview your Microsoft Word Document.

Step 1 − Open the document the preview of which you want to see.

Heading Levels

Step 2 − Click the File tab followed by the Print option; this will display a preview of the document in the right column. You can scroll up or scroll down your document to walk through the document using the given Scrollbar. In the next chapter, we will learn how to print the previewed document and how to set different printing options.

Print Preview

Step 3 − Once you are done with your preview, you can click the Home tab to go to the actual content of the document.

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