Windows Server 2012 - DC Accounts

In Windows 2012, creating account OU and group is nearly the same as in the previous versions.

To Create an OU user, please follow the steps given below.

Step 1 − Go to: Server Manager → Tools → Active Directory Users and Computers.

Active Directory Users

Step 2 − To create an OU named Management. Right-click domain in Active Directory Users and Computers, choose New and click Organizational Unit.

Organizational Unit

Step 3 − Type Management to name the OU. Check the Protect container from accidental deletion option. This option will protect this object from accidental deletion.


Step 4 − To create a user, Right-click on the Management OU → click New → and then click User.


Step 5 − Complete the field with the data of the users → then click Next.

Data User

Step 6 − Now type-in the password. Check on the tick box → User must change password at next logon. The user will be forced to change the password when the user logs in → Click Next → and then click Finish.

Click Finish