Why should we do our duty but leave the result to god?

God is believed to be a supreme entity who is omnipresent, omnipotent, omniscience and benevolent. Actually, it is a simple scientific and psychological thinking that if you have somebody to look after you, then you need not worry about your responsibilities. But of course, you should fulfill your responsibilities.

Let me explain in simpler terms. When a boy goes to the beach to play unknowing of any hidden dangers though, the father who is watching gives an assurance to the child that he will take care of serious peril. If the child falls off while running or if his sand castles get washed away, the father says, “Don’t worry dear! You can do it again.” Now that’s how we can relate god to us. Doing our duty, as best as we can!! Though everything might not go well, we can still smile.

Don’t worry about the results

  • While doing your duty, put all your best efforts.
  • As well, have time for yourself too. Have some break time.
  • Learn to excuse yourself for few mistakes, though you repeat.
  • Help others to know you that you have the capability.

But if you keep on expecting something in return, there will be no peace. You cannot always have the returns as you have expected and when you keep on thinking on it, you tend to control the things, unknowingly. This is what leads to stress.

Reminding your mind about something, makes you think over and when your subconscious mind obviously relates it to your expectations, which might not be the same, your ego hurts. This will make you swim in the ocean of stress.

So… Be dutiful to have no guilt. Leave the result to god, to be stress-free..!!

Updated on: 30-Jul-2019


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