Why is silence termed as golden?

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How often do we go to quiet places, somewhere in the countryside, away from the maddening crowds of the rustic city life and feel, "If there is paradise on earth, it is here?" Ever thought of why in Gurudwara or temple, church or mosque we feel so much serenity and poised? We do not wish to talk to anybody but just quietly introspect and enjoy the oneness with the divine. Same happens with us when we go trekking on some mountains or go on planning visit to a hill station.

Why Is Silence So Beautiful?

This is because in silent surroundings we feel a close connection with the Almighty. Peace is a bird which does not chirp or tweet noisily, but simply perches on its wings and gives us the pleasure which we cannot get in loud chaotic lives of ours. In those peaceful quiet surroundings, we wish to tread further without any companion or guide. We feel our senses getting rejuvenated and we have become charged, just as we feel when we take a break after long hours of study.

Why Is Silence Golden?

Self Rejoicing Abilities

Gold is known for its healing properties. It is malleable, ductile, lustrous metal that pleases everybody. The one who owns it feels blessed and superior to others who do not possess it. Silence in this way holds a parallel with gold. The person who is stress-free in life can heal himself even if some minor adversary happens. The person who does not have too many problems in life feels blessed just like the one who is lucky enough to own a lot of gold. Also, the person who is silent because of being so contented in life, is altogether of a serene look on the face, thus lustrous as gold. Thus, silence is Golden due to its self-rejoicing abilities.

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