Why do people drug and how can they control this addiction?

People use drugs in order to escape tensions in their life. When you use drugs, it feels as though you can achieve anything in life, but people tend to forget that it's just the feeling you get for that particular moment. It is a proven fact that drug will have adverse effects on your health and life.

People use drugs to change their lives, they think drugs help you being confident and gives you a good personality. They think drugs help you achieve these qualities:

To Fit in Society

People use drugs so that they can fit into society. When people are not confident and they don't have enough confidence to believe in themselves, they are not able to have proper conversations with other people. They start to stammer when they talk, they go off topic speaking irrelevant stuff, making no sense of what so ever to the other person. They think they can build up their confidence by using drugs.

To Escape or Relax from the World

A lot of people in the world rather facing their problems, they tend to run away from their problems. If there is a lot of stress in their college or job, when they are unable to cope up with it, they tend to run away from it.

People use drugs because for a moment their brain muscles tend to relax enabling them to relax for some time. They like this feeling so much that they can't let go of this feeling. They get addicted to drugs so that they can feel that particular moment over and over again.

Relief from Stress

People use drugs in order to increase their brain power and capacity. They believe that by using drugs, their brain starts to function extraordinarily, letting them achieve anything in life and decrease their stress. They don't understand that instead of helping them, the drugs are totally destroying them.

How to come out of Drug Addiction

  • Join a Rehab Centre − If you join a Rehab Centre, they will help you to come out of drug addiction. They will teach you the consequences of drugs and they will teach you how to prevent using drugs. They will improve your health and make you normal again.

  • Live a Healthy Life − They will teach you how to lead a healthy life without using drugs. They will help you building your personality and building your confidence. If you follow their methods you can lead a healthy life.