Why do people always advise you to cry after a tragedy?

Tragedies do happen in everyone’s life at some or other point of time. But the effect it has on our mind is really large. Many of us try to shut it down at some corner of our mind and try to get on with our daily life. This creates a whirlpool of deep depression in our mind where the excruciating emotional pain is tried to be compromised.

Why Should We Cry?

Crying is actually an emotional therapy. The stress and anxiety which a person goes through after a tragedy builds a heavy emotional cloud which cannot be carried for long. Tears are always the gateways to let the anguish out. They are the paths of outburst which lightens the emotional burden being held by the person.

What Happens After We Cry?

Once cried, the person comes to a stage of accepting the changes took place after the tragedy in a natural way, rather than some artificial manipulation. This creates a sense of reclusion. A person can become emotionally stronger at such a stage, gaining some inner strength. This makes people get ready for the situations to deal with in a better way.