Why do Indians like street food?

Before answering this query, let’s know about street food. It is a form of food instantly prepared and is ready-to-eat. It's sold by local vendors or hawkers, in a street or in any other public place, like at a market or fair. To sell street food vendors often use a portable food cart, food booth, mini trucks. These street food are meant for instant consumption. Some of the street foods are regional, but many of them have become popular beyond their boundaries.

Do Only Indian Like Street Food

Poor Indians are defamed to have street food while it's popular in every part of the world. It's extremely popular among people because it is immediately cooked, affordable and have distinct varieties. Moreover, some local recipes with the indigenous flavor can easily boost your appetite.

Popular Street Food In India

From New Delhi to Bangalore, cities all across India enjoy an eclectic (and delicious) plethora of street foods. From spicy Tikki chat to masala dosas filled with onion and potatoes, these amazing snack options can make you drool over. Some of the popular street food loved by Indians are samosas, pav bhaji, poha, aloo tikki, bread omelet, masala dosa, panipuri, chole bhature, khati roll, chowmein, momo, and so on.

Popular Sreet Food In USA by Indians

Street vendors and food trucks sell lip-smacking street food, which is a fast-growing small-scale business in the United States. Most people like it because these vendors offer great and delicious cuisines at an affordable price. Being a nation of multiple cultures, it should come as no amazement that some of the United States' ultimate street foods come from India.

Some of the most popular American street foods which people love a lot includes arepa, barbecue, burgers, crepes, doughnuts, falafel, grilled cheese sandwich, hot dogs, macaroni & cheese, pizza, tacos, waffles, etc.