Why do humans have different types of teeth?

Different type of teeth performs different functions in human beings. That is why we have a different type of teeth.

Role of Different Type of Teeth

  • Incisors: These are 8 in all, middlemost 4 teeth on upper and lower jaws. These are simply the biting teeth for biting the food. Incisors are usually the first teeth to erupt.

  • Canines: These are 4 in number and are the pointed teeth, also called as the tearing teeth, for tearing the fleshy food apart.

  • Premolars: These are the 8 teeth between canine and molars. They are called premolars or bicuspids. These, are the grinding teeth, for grinding the food.

  • Molars: These are 8 in total, again best at grinding food.

Oral hygiene is very important. One must brush twice a day regularly in order to maintain the efficient working of these teeth.