Why a mentor is necessary in life to achieve success?

A mentor is a person who gives the right direction to the dreams. A person can weave dreams of success or achievements; however, without a positive direction, no one can reach the destination. For showing which way to go, a mentor is a must to have in one’s life.

We all go through a phase in our life where it becomes difficult for us to decide what is right and what is not going to give the desired result. In such a situation, a mentor is a big help.


A mentor should have experienced the same phase in life. An experienced person can teach a lot. Life is a collection of experiences, and hence without any experience, a person can just say the right thing, but wouldn’t be in a position to show the pros and cons of the objective.

Stand Firm

A mentor should not get easily carried away with the emotions of the one seeking help. A person who needs someone to motivate and shows the right path is full of different types of emotions. He/she may be sometimes happy with small achievements or in a sorrow because of failures.

Level Headed

The mentor should have a balanced behavior. He/she must not move away with the emotions of the disciple. It is not necessary that the mentor should be a successful person. Someone who has faced failures in life can also give helpful lessons in life. Such as mentor can make the disciple learn what should not be done in life to avoid any situation which the mentor must have faced in life.


A mentor provides necessary emotional support to the disciple. A mentor can be a great motivator. He/she can be someone who gives a clear vision of life and shows appropriate direction as per the caliber of the disciple.

Updated on: 26-Apr-2022


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