Who is Sister Shivani and what's her contribution towards Brahmakumaris?

World-renowned spiritual speaker Brahma Kumari Shivani, also known as sister Shivani is a teacher of Rajayoga Meditation at the Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University. She is born in Pune in 1972 and gold medalist in academics. BK Shivani is attracted towards the organization as her parents were inclined towards it and joined the Brahma Kumaris at the age of 23.

She already had teaching experience in her field of Electronics Engineering. In Brahma Kumaris, she has emerged as a renowned motivational speaker and conducts motivational courses through public seminars and television programs. She is magnetic and her approach to spirituality has many followers all over the world, even on Youtube and Facebook.

She has received Decade Achievers Award (2014) by ASSOCHAM’S Ladies League for her Excellence in Empowering Spiritual Consciousness. BK Shivani has traveled all over the world transforming millions of lives through her programs.