Which out of leopard spots or zebra stripes is a better fashion statement?

In my view, Fashion is not something related to following the style statements of renowned celebrities. It is rather the way one feels comfortable that even others tend to feel inspired automatically.

As said earlier, I would never choose one of them just because I follow some celebrity who wore one of these for a fashion show or a charity event. I endorse the belief that since both of these are merely animal prints, there lies not much distinction in the criterion to choose one of these anyways, but still, if I am forced to choose one out of these, I would go for one of these depending upon the occasion and my mood.

Zebra Stripes

Black and white contrast has always been a classic one. I prefer zebra stripes on days when I am in a balanced mood, or either too melancholic, that the network of these hides my emotions. On lunch dates and bright sunny mornings, Zebra stripes are a better choice.

Leopard Spots

Yellow mustard color along with dark brown is again an interesting combination. I would prefer this to a dinner date or a function to be held in the later parts of the day. The day when one is extremely happy, such bright colors look good on us.

Comfort and Trendy

The crux of everything lies in the comfort and the preference. There would be no portrayal of style if a model is forced to wear something which she badly abhors. Similarly, for people like us, who are not models, a better fashion statement would be anything which suits us, and we are able to carry. This may not be necessary in vogue as per the fashion magazines, but would be what we simply love to adorn.

Updated on: 30-Jul-2019


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