Which country has the best education system in the world and why?

It’s Finland. Again? Of course, Finland has been the country that tops the world education system since 2000. This country has been focusing on improving its education system year by year to meet the standards.

If you think that the Finn students get high ranks in Math and science exams or if they are being the world-class business officials, then you are wrong!! Finland education system helps students to be better thinkers, learners, and human beings.

What is the System like?

No student in Finland is forced to do the study. The Finn children are admitted to schools at the age of 7years. They have no homework and a few tests a year with no peer pressure. Their school timings are also not stringent. There are no achievement gaps between students and all students are literally treated equally leaving none behind.

Along with studies, there are numerous things that are taught in schools such as arts, craft, dance, music, cooking etc. They have no private schools for rich kids. All the schools are run by the government and the system is the same for all the pupils. The schools receive modest funding and can develop their own curriculum.

There is no competition between schools in Finland, as they consider all the schools as equal. The teachers are highly respected and their salaries are as high as doctors and their jobs are quickly tenured.

What do the Children learn?

Worried if children might get spoiled if they are left so? The Finn teachers confidently say that children need to learn many things apart from studies. So they encourage their students to learn different forms of arts and life skills.

The teachers teach the academic concepts practically and give time for students to come up with their doubts and ideas. After a few days of interactions on that topic, the students are asked to represent in art form about what they have learned. This method increases both interest and creativity in students as well as enhancing memory and presentation skills, all at the same time.

No student feels stressed. All of them learn the importance of life rather than merely running after money. They know their worth and can succeed under any kind of circumstances.

Updated on: 30-Jul-2019


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