How homeschooling is changing the education system in India?

Homeschooling has changed the conventional schooling system across the globe. The flexibility of the curriculum, individual schedule, and personalized syllabus is catching up all over the world and many countries are recognizing the value of homeschooling.


In the last decade, the well-informed parents in India have started opting for homeschooling or alternative schooling, although a majority of Indian parents still prefer conventional education. There is one very important reason in India why parents are still opting for conventional education more than homeschooling?

The laws in India, especially the Right to education act makes it mandatory for every child from age 6 to 14 to attend the school. However, the ministry of HRD has made it clear that homeschooling is legal and recognized. In September 2010, Kapil Sibal had reaffirmed and acknowledged homeschooling within India as a legal option of education.

With such reaffirmations from the government, It is seen in many cities of India, homeschooling is catching up and changing the education system of India. The parents of homeschooled students should follow either CBSE or ICSE or any other international curriculums like IB, IGCSE from K - 12. Later to get into a university, the student should possess a 12th standard certificate from one of these recognized boards of education.