Which is the most vacation deprived country in the world?

It is sad to admit, but India is ranked number one when it comes to global ranking among the most vacation-deprived countries. In the survey conducted across the Asia Pacific, Europe, North America, and South America in some 19 countries and covering over 11,000 employees, India is declared as the Most Vacation Deprived Country in the world. India is followed by South Korea and Hong Kong.

Here are some interesting findings of Indians on taking vacations:

  • only 3% of Indians take a vacation every month.

  • 40% of Indians, who planned a vacation in the last six months could not take one because of work pressure.

  • 24% of Indians cannot afford to take a vacation.

  • 25% working people feel if they take a long vacation, they may miss out on some important work decision.

  • 18% of professionals work under pressure to get success in the profession and feel that getting deprived of vacations will only bring them success.

  • Indian workers/Employees also do not use all their eligible leaves. In this matter, they rank five and are preceded by Japan, Italy, Australia, New Zealand.

  • Even if Indian Employees are on leave, 35% of them are bothered by their bosses and superiors during the vacation.

  • Out of the lot, it is the Real Estate people who enjoy the vacation the most.