Which brands in India offer Amla Candy in different flavors?

Amla is very rich in antioxidants and vitamin C. Minerals, which are important for our body. Since it is a citrus fruit, it is very difficult to consume it raw in large quantities. So, Amla Candy is a good way to get the nutrients of Amla in our body.

Brands offering Amla Candy In Different Flavours

1. Sri Sri Tattva: Formerly known as Sri Ayurveda, this is a well-known brand in the name of Ayurvedic products. A brand of Sri Sri Ravishankar, founder of the Art of Living, Sri Sri offers amla candy in paan, mango and other flavors priced at nearly 160 rupees for 400 grams.

2. Patanjali: For ayurvedic medicines, Patanjali has higher popularity than any other brand in India. Patanjali's Amla candy is not only yummy but is also chemical free.

3. Organic Amla Yummies: This brand is available on Amazon, Paytm and other E-commerce partners. The jar of 100gm of Amla candies looks like a jar of honey. Really the packaging is great, but the price is costlier as compared to other equivalent brands.

4. Desivdesi: Delicious nutritional kokum flavored amla candies of this brand are available again on Amazon, Paytm, etc. in varied sizes. Starting from small packs of 40 grams to heavier quantities.

5. New Tree: Sweet amla candy and Chatori amla candy from this brand are available on www.newtree.co.in and even on Amazon, Paytm etc.

These brands might not be as delicious as homemade ones but they, at least, can satiate someone who yearns for them even in the summer season.

Updated on: 30-Jul-2019


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