Which are the fastest trains in India?

India has a vast railway network. Many people love travelling by train as it is the best and safe mode of transport and also gives us the most enjoyable journey. The fastest trains are those who run with maximum speed and limited stops.

There are many Fast trains in India. Here is the list of some fastest trains:

Gatimaan Express 12050

  • This is basically a semi high-speed train that travels from New Delhi to Agra and vice versa.

  • The time that has been estimated on a general basis for the train to make the journey is said to be 100 minutes that comes up to one hour and forty minutes to cover 200 km.

  • The destination is finished in the stipulated time at a speed of 160 kilometers per hour. This is currently one of the fastest trains in India.

Bhopal Shatabdi

  • Another very fast train also travels between the same stretch as the previous train.

  • It travels between the cities of New Delhi and Agra but this train also connects through various business cities and pilgrimages as well like New Delhi, Gwalior, and Bhopal. This train travels at a speed up to 155 kilometers per hour.

Sealdah Duronto Express

  • This express is a super-fast express train that belongs to the Duronto express.

  • Basically, the category of trains that Duronto comes under are those trains that travel nonstop at high speeds and the distance for the destination are generally very long.

  • This express runs between the places of New Delhi and Sealdah. This is the first Duronto express by the Indian railways.

Rajdhani express

  • This train is a super-fast express train as well that travels between two major cities in India, that are Mumbai and Delhi.

  • The Rajdhani trains are one of the fastest and swiftest trains in India and they come under the same category of trains that the Shatabdi and also the Duronto express falls into.

  • This particular Rajdhani is the fastest amongst all the Rajdhani trains that are present in India.

Kanpur reverse Shatabdi

  • This is the second train that is taken from the Kanpur central as the Shatabdi that travels from Lucknow is the first express.

  • This is known as the reverse Shatabdi express because its time schedule is exactly reverse of the timetable of the Lucknow Shatabdi express. This train is also a very fast train and does nonstop journeys at high speeds.

Howrah Duronto

  • This train is also known as the Kolkata Duronto express and it is one of the most important trains that travel between Kolkata and New Delhi.

  • This train uses the Grand Chord route that is located in the Eastern zone of the Indian railways and it is the fastest train in that route after the Delhi Duronto, the Howrah Rajdhani express and also the Sealdah Rajdhani.