What are the various common salt brands in India?

Salt is a very crucial ingredient not only for our cuisine but also for our health. If somebody does not eat the salt of a good brand, he may suffer from iodine deficiency or some other nutritional deficiency as a result of consuming the stale or unfit brands of salt.

Brands for Salt In India

1. Tata Salt: It is by far the most trusted brand for salt in India for a long time. It comes in a lot of variants such as Tata salt lite, etc Tata Salt was the 2nd Most Trusted Brand of India in 2015.

2. Nirma Shuddha salt: The cheaper salt brand compared to Tata is Nirma salt. Available in pink and white colored packaging, It is being offered in an eye-catching and colorful special moisture proof 1 kg pack in supermarkets and general stores.

3. Ankur Namak: This brand is again cheaper than Tata and is available at local departmental stores. Ankur Chemfood Ltd. is the largest salt refinery founded in 1994, which deals with Ankur Salt’s production.

4. Patanjali Salt: There is no denying the fact that Patanjali is very famous as a brand in India. Starting from Ayurvedic medicines to spices and salt, there is a lot of faith in this brand. Many people buy Patanjali products and they will really admit that the salt of Patanjali is quite economical for the quality it claims.

Salt is important as it fulfills the requirements of iodine as a trace element for our body. But it should not be over-consumed lest we should fall prey to other diseases like high blood pressure. Although there are other local brands of salt too, depending on different states, the above listed are the widely accepted brands in India.

Updated on: 20-Apr-2022


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