What types of girls does a guy generally date before meeting his true love?

Gone are the days when we (the grown-ups of the 90s) used to have goosebumps just by the thought of talking to our crush. Look around! Time is changing. As far as boys are concerned, you will notice the hearts of these school-going chaps are pricked by Cupid. They are dating, exploring themselves in a relationship and learning a lot as a partner. On the other hand, the experience of going through a lot of girls can be phenomenal. Being a girl if you are wondering what type of girls boys start dating initially but get apart after a while, here is the answer.

First Crush

Guys generally come across such type either during school or college days or in family gatherings. She is the one who makes you realize that apart from cricket, films, and booze there are other interesting things in the world. She constantly bugs you, hits you focus, drives you off the studies, and provokes to bunk your school or college. Besides, she is also the one who makes you stand in front of the mirror day and night. However, a horrifying truth is attached to such relationships that most of them end up in heartbreak. Like most other cases, either you dump her or she dumps you or you both simply drift apart with unsaid, but mutual consent.

The Party Babe

The buzzing sound in my ears is already making me grove with this type of girls who are tagged as ‘Party Animal’. When she is on the floor, she simply dilutes herself with beats and even forgets where she and in whose company. Moreover, you might have to bear her cozy dance with one of your friends. If you can tolerate more, she can hug and kiss him in front of you. She has fun, everyone and every moment is fun for he, but then you find yourself amid the thoughts, can you digest such volumes of fun?

Gossip Queen

Having a talkative girl around is a fun ride because they have a lot to express and fills every moment with their sheer presence. However, things start going wrong when you stumble upon someone who only talks. I mean…even when they sleep. Anybody, in fact, everybody comes under her radar range-her friends, your friends, her relatives, your relatives, her exes, her exes’ girlfriends, even the deads…WTF….You simply have to initiate, (In fact, most of the time you do not even have to), she will take it over and take care of it like a baby. You think of dumping her, but then you get scared of what she will tell the world about you once you do so.

Too Serious In Life

Well, it’s good to be serious, but some girls fail to understand that they lose potential relationships due to their over-seriousness. She hardly has time for herself then expecting her to take out time for a date would be too innocent of you. You should not be too bothered about breaking up with her and she is so busy that another miracle will occur if she minds it.

Happy Dating!!