What’s the funniest thing your toddler believes?

I am a hands-on mother running around my 3-year-old toddler. Kids at that age will be full of energy, enthusiasm and full of questions. Once he started walking, he is always attracted towards Refrigerator. It has become my full-time duty to keep him away from the refrigerator.

One day my husband and my kid were watching Tom and Jerry cartoons. In one episode Jerry locks Tom in the fridge and when the landlady comes and opens the fridge, Tom who becomes frozen rolls down as an ice cube. My son was clapping and laughing loudly. My husband caught the moment and said " look at that son, that is why we tell you not to open the fridge. You are small and may get caught in the fridge and become frozen like that. When you grow tall like me and mommy, you can open it and take water, understood?"

Can you believe it? from that day my toddler believes if he opens the fridge, he will become frozen. He will not go near it, even today 😁😁😁