What pleases women more- flowers or jewellery?


Flowers are the first love of girls. If a fragrant rose is gifted to her, she will surely blush and her cheeks will reflect her inner state of happiness. Thus, they are cheap yet not so unthoughtful natural beauties (flowers) can bring a smile to the natural beauties (females).


To add some sparkle to this life of theirs, one can even gift a collection of personalized jewellery gifts for them. A statement ring makes the perfect present and the good news is that it doesn't cost the earth. Rings are the perfect Diwali as well as Christmas gift ideas for women because they are the one piece of jewellery that is worn every day.

On the whole, no matter what one gifts anything to women, they are ready to accept it with love but having said that it shouldn't endanger their dignity. In the end, One should keep in mind that it is not the value of the gift that creates the ultimate effect but the efforts one puts in to present the gift.