What is training? When and why it is needed?

Training is essentially a process through which the skills of the employee are enhanced and an attitude is developed towards a particular direction. This is directed towards the achievement of a specific purpose. Training is generally of two categories. There is probationary training that is given to the fresh employees to help them get an induction about the working of an organization.

The second type is in-service training. This is generally given to employees after 5-6 years of completion of service which serves as a refresher’s course to add up new knowledge or any essential skill. Training remains the backbone for the success of the organization for the following reasons:-

Expand Knowledge

The main purpose of the training is to add-up to the existing knowledge of the employees. There are different experts who are called from various streams to share their research and academic work which helps the employee get an inter-disciplinary perspective. It sharpens the employees’ understanding about various factors and forces.

Develops the Skills of Employees

Training in different forms like workshops, seminars, conferences, fieldwork, etc. helps in building some key skills in the employees. These skills include technology-based skills, communication skills, leadership skills, innovation, creation, decision-making, financial skills, etc. It familiarizes with the work profile and objectives of the organization.

Gives Organization Stability

As training helps in giving knowledge and skills. It helps in making the employees more capable of decision-making as well as make the organization more stable as the employees are made ready to face any uncertainty or challenges. Flexibility too gets added to this factor.

Raises the Morale of the Employees

The employees today understand that their role in the workspace is extremely dynamic. It inculcates the right attitudes in them. It helps in developing integrity among the employees to work as a team. Gradually, their confidence level touches new horizons.

Increases the Productivity of the Organization

Economic productivity in an organization depends on the quality of Human Resources. It results in an increase of both quality and quantity of output. An individual employee reaches his maximum potential after training. Training meets the increasing demands of the technicality of the job.

Updated on: 13-May-2022

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