What is the role of test automation in functional testing?

To ensure smooth, speedy and effective testing and delivery of a project, automation plays a crucial role. It becomes very essential in this digital business that continuous testing and delivery are ensured.

Automation requires tools which control and compare the actual and the expected results. Repetitive execution as a part of Regression is also considered when Automation is talked about.

While handling a huge project, automation plays a key role where few areas needs to be tested again and again in periodic interval. End-to-end testing result ensure the robust working of the application.

When Automation is considers, it becomes very significant to identify the critical functionality and prioritize the test cases accordingly, keeping in mind that 100% Automation is practically not feasible, hence some scope should be left for manual testing

Role of Test Automation

  • Choice of right Automation Too − Selecting and implementing the right test automation tool becomes very important. Keeping in mind the cost and the in-depth testing of the

  • software automation tool should be selected.
  • What to Automate − Prioritizing the test cases according to the critical functionality of the application as 100 % Automation is a myth.

  • Understanding of the Application − The Tester should know the in-and out of the application. Probable loopholes in the application should be anticipated and verified. Each and every critical area of the application should not be left untouched Depending upon the usage of a particular section of application. Rigorous testing should be performed.

  • Setting up the test environment − Test Environment should be an exact replica of the production environment

  • Maintenance of test suite: With the passage of time, the test suite should be modified as per the change in requirement. New Scripts should be added and tested on cross-browsers.

  • DevOps − To ensure seamless integration, aim should be to deliver a robust application incorporating Continuous integration. This should be taken care by continuous delivery and continuous testing.

  • Powerful Reporting − The end result should be comprehensible and presentable. Exact number of passed/failed/skipped/blocked/not-run test cases should be reported with specific browser/version/OS. We should select a tool which provided structural/tabular format of the reports.

Updated on: 09-Oct-2019


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