What is the future of Selenium Automation testing, as a career option?

We are now living in a world of Cloud and Digital business. Application Development of almost all the platform is in boom. For providing utmost customer satisfaction, the application has to be seamless and bug-free.

We have been living in the age of manual testing since very long. We have new requirements pitching in every now-and-then from the clients where there is either enhancement in the application or any modification. For testing these new requirements, we need to run the older test cases repeatedly to test if it is not affected by the new change. And we end up testing the application from scratch.

In big companies like Amazon, Facebook, Continuous deployment is the key where we cannot afford to execute the test cases manually after every change.

Now when there is buzz of Automation in almost every field, manual testing is not far behind. Costing and Time Management are the critical areas on the client mostly emphasis.

Business now requires rapid output, hot deployment and even faster testing. Thus Automation Testing is a boom today. Automation with Selenium is even a better choice as it is an open source tool tester can play with.

There would be no denying stating that Career in Selenium automation is very bright and will keep on growing. Also while working with Selenium Automation, up skilling becomes quite convenient as the basic concept of automation remains the same.

Once a person has a good grab on Selenium, he can easily progress towards mobile Automation using Appium.

Pre-Requisite for Automation tester −

  • Perfection in Manual Testing
  • Domain knowledge of the application.
  • Getting to know the critical areas of the application.
  • Prioritizing the areas to be tested
  • Preparedness to handle a huge project with numerous scripts.

Updated on: 11-Dec-2019


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