Cypress Test Runner (Test Automation)

Cypress Test Runner is one of the important features in this tool. A test runner is basically the entry to start any test case execution with Cypress. While executing each step in our test case Cypress allows us to monitor the running of the commands on the application under test.

As we finished installation of Cypress, there comes a suggestion from the tool on the terminal −

You can open Cypress by running − node_modules/.bin/cypress open

Next we shall run the command node_modules/.bin/cypress open from the project path. On running this command, the user shall be notified that Cypress is being executed first time on the machine. Once the execution is completed, Cypress test runner opens up.

Cypress by default creates some folders and examples to our project like a cypress folder. Under this cypress folder, there are multiple folders like fixtures, integration, plugins, support and so on.

It creates a framework template by default for our use. Now if we open the test runner window, we shall get the collection of test cases that Cypress already created for our use.

For running any test case, just click on that test case, the browser shall be launched. We can see the execution results along with the logs getting generated on the screen.

Please find the test logs in the test runner for each test step in the test case −