What is the easiest method to make Bajara Roti?

Who can muster up the courage to try hands for this recipe at home because the one thing that we all have grown up hearing is, making it is an uphill task.

Let us look at the easy method to make Bajara Roti at home

  • Take Bajra flour in a wide bottom utensil for kneading the dough.

  • Add warm water to knead it. Add little water at a time and knead gently initially.

  • Adjust the amount of flour and water: knead the mixture until the whole prepared mixture comes along and no flour flakes separate.

  • Heat the pan on which you would be making Rotis.

  • For amateurs, it is suggested they make a small ball of the flour mixture and tap it with hands over a polythene sheet or a thin cellophane sheet. Reapply dry wheat or maida flour on your hands and keep stretching.

  • But if it troubles you, use a rolling pin and place the flour ball on the polythene.

  • Move it gently and make a chapati of this Bajra flour mixture, just as you make a roti of wheat flour.

  • Place it on the preheated tawa and cook on a low medium flame.7. Apply Ghee on both the sides while turning the roti over the 'tawa'.

  • After it is properly cooked, take it out of the tawa and serve hot on a plate with mint coriander chutney.

Tips To Keep In Mind

  • Knead the dough only when you have to make Bajra Rotis. An already prepared dough works in case of wheat flour or refined flour like maids, but not in case of corn flour or Bajra.

  • Use only lukewarm water for kneading. Never go for cold water for the procedure, as it may tear apart the Rotis while preparing.

  • In order to get a perfect round chapati, add wheat flour or refined maida flour as it will add to the thinness of the roti.

One should eat it with garlic chutney or jaggery and ghee to relish it.