What is the best treatment to completely cure High blood pressure?

The dangers of having high blood pressure are known to everyone as it has a high-risk factor for being prone to heart-related diseases and kidney failures as well. Many people will be on medication for lifelong and sometimes people are prescribed up to 5 different types of medications at once and even then, their body doesn’t seem to respond to it.

Changes in lifestyle, exercising, cutting down salt and some home remedies are also proved to control High Blood Pressure at sometimes, but not completely.

A study in this field is extensively done by researchers from the Baker IDI Heart and Diabetes Institute of Melbourne that is situated in Australia. They have inferred that High blood pressure is sometimes caused by faulty signals from the brain to these nerves. A technique to send a burst of radiofrequency energy waves through a catheter to knock out these number of tiny nerves that run in the lining of the arteries of the kidney has to be created.

Based on this concept scientists have created a therapy through which we can get a permanent cure to high blood pressure. The process involves a high technology treatment where the kidneys of the patients are zapped with radio waves. This could bring a light of hope to thousands of people across the world who are suffering from high blood pressure as there are many people who have this issue but then their body doesn’t respond to the drugs.

This is a huge breakthrough in the medicinal field and if this actually works then millions of patients will have something to be happy about.