What is the best exercise to lose your belly?

This might be considered as the most searched question of this generation. Isn't it?? And the interesting part is whether you know or do not know some exercises for the belly, you if see any new article, without any doubt you open and read it immediately, by thinking that maybe you get something new.

But, the fact is there is no spot reduction!!!! Yes, it is not. If you have extra fats, not only exercises alone can transform your body, but diet is more important. Following a healthy and correct diet and doing exercises can help you well.

These are the most effective and easy exercises which you can do at your home:

Crunches: This is considered as the best exercise for belly fat. Repeat the set thrice, 15 times each set.

Planks: This directly attacks the belly fat and helps to reduce the side ones as well. Be in the position and hold it for 10 seconds and then slowly increases the timings. Do it 5 times and then make more countings.

Bicycles: Try this pose, start slowly and increase the numbers gradually. Start with 3 sets of 35 repetitions on each leg and then repeat with another side.

Updated on: 30-Jul-2019


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