What is the best Bitcoin Mobile Wallet?

Bitcoin wallets come on different platforms with different features. There is not “one size fits all” concept.

Bitcoin wallet can be set up electronically either on your mobile or desktop. It is an application or a program which allows you to send or receive Bitcoin cash, and keep track of your transactions and history. The software program stores the private and public keys and interacts with various block chains to enable the users to send and receive digital currency and also monitor their balance. If you want to store and use the crypto currency you need a Digital Wallet.

They are downloaded to your computer directly without any dependence on third-party services. The complete download of block chain may take more time due to the heavy size, but the wallet should be ready within a day to use.

There are software wallets and also hardware wallets that are used for Bitcoin transactions. Bitcoin hardware wallets are very secure because they do not expose any private keys to the network. Some of the hardware wallets include Ledger Wallet, OPENDIME etc.,

There are many safe and simple software wallets to hold your bitcoins and their transactions. For example, Airbitz, Copay work on both iPhone and Android while Mycelium works on Android mobiles. It is interesting to note that in Feb 2014, Apple has banned all Bitcoin mobile wallets from its App Store. Now we have DropBit, BRD and Airbitz etc., which are very user-friendly iOS mobile wallets.

If you want to check which is the best out of all these mobile wallets, Copay is considered as the most reliable and secured.


Copay is the most trusted Bitcoin wallet which is available for iOS, Android, Linux, Windows or even Mac OS. As it supports multiple platforms, it is easy and universal to use across your multiple devices.

Here are the other features of Copay wallet.

  • It is an Open source, multi signature supporting secure bitcoin wallet. This feature prevents unauthorized payments by requiring multiple approvals to make a transaction.

  • Apart from integrating the selling and buying of bitcoins, Copay also supports 150+ currency pricing options and Unit denomination in BTC or bits. Supports Bitcoins and Bitcoin Cash.

  • You can get email and push notifications on your mobile like regular bank transactions about the bitcoins paid and received.

  • The private keys are stored locally, and not in cloud. This enables device based security to your mobile wallet.

  • Customizable wallet naming and look.

  • Multiple languages are supported, French, German, Chinese and Spanish along with English.

  • There is no need to rely on any third party for continuous support, as it is based on open source software.

Copay is the easiest and most convenient web wallet to use and it is easy to use across many devices. It also allows to share the wallet securely with other people. Its clean interface helps the novice Bitcoin users. Its shared account feature which comes with great security, as it requires both(all) the partners to sign each transaction. When you enable Family Sharing, up to six members will be able to use this app.