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What is Crypto Lending?

Riddhi Sultania
Updated on 05-Jan-2023 10:58:21
Introduction Crypto lending is the process of depositing the cryptocurrency that is lent out to borrowers in return for payments at regular intervals. The payments are typically made through cryptocurrencies that are used in day-to-day lives. The amount is deposited and calculated daily, weekly, and monthly. Borrowing and lending in stable cryptocurrencies have become one of the latest and most followed processes. It has done the business of borrowing and lending hassle-free and more accessible. The transactions have become more manageable, Helping users to make use of the various networks. Also, the security of data and information is ensured, making ... Read More

How to set up a public/private Blockchain?

Riddhi Sultania
Updated on 05-Jan-2023 10:53:55
Introduction A blockchain is a disseminated information base or record that is divided between the hubs of a PC organization. As a data set, a blockchain stores data electronically in a computerized design. Blockchains are most popular for their pivotal job in digital money frameworks, like Bitcoin, for keeping a safe and decentralized record of exchanges. The development of a blockchain is that it ensures the devotion and security of a record of information and produces trust without the requirement for a confided-in outsider. One critical distinction between a normal information base and a blockchain is how the information is ... Read More

How are Banks Implementing Blockchain?

Riddhi Sultania
Updated on 05-Jan-2023 10:48:17
Blockchain is a perfect fit for the banking industry. Banks currently face several pain points: they rely on highly-specific banking experts and bankers, constantly battling cybersecurity risks and breaches, and their operations are overly complex. However, with blockchain, banks can operate more efficiently by connecting to smart contracts instead of relying on people. Blockchain also solves the issue of cybersecurity by making it impossible to hack. Finally, individual components can be isolated from one another so that if one fails, everything remains operational. Complexity is the enemy of efficiency, and complexity costs money. Although blockchain technology is complex, it removes ... Read More

Crypto Tokens: Everything you need to know

Riddhi Sultania
Updated on 05-Jan-2023 10:42:35
What exactly are Crypto Tokens? The phrase crypto token describes a virtual currency token or the method through which cryptocurrencies are valued. These tokens are exchangeable and marketable assets or services within their blockchains. Crypto tokens are used to gather funds for crowd sales, but they may also be used in place of other products. They are often generated, transferred, traded, and disseminated using the initial coin offering (ICO) procedure. How Do Crypto Tokens Work? Cryptocurrency coins are equal to digital currencies in the same way that money in a bank account is. Even if you own that sum of ... Read More

Blockchain: Passing fad or invention of the century

Riddhi Sultania
Updated on 05-Jan-2023 10:35:04
Introduction As with most new technologies, the boundaries of what was previously possible are continually pushed forward. Your phone might be able to do more than mine, but that doesn't necessarily mean it's a fad. Blockchain is the invention of the century and will revolutionize how we interact with money and information in years to come. As you'll see from this article, blockchain has already started to draw practical applications in all sectors - banking, healthcare, and energy - beyond cryptocurrency alone. Blockchain: World-Changing Innovation All transactions are permanently recorded and stored as "blocks" into an immutable chain of records ... Read More

How Blockchain can help you with Operations?

Riddhi Sultania
Updated on 05-Jan-2023 10:26:49
Blockchain technology could be used in business using a distributed, unchangeable ledger that only authorized parties can see. The network members decide which companies or people can see data and alter it. People often call Blockchain a "trustless" network, but this doesn't mean that users don't trust each other. Instead, it suggests they don't have to. This confidence depends on Blockchain being more secure, open, and easy to track. Blockchain not only solves the problem of trust, but it also saves money for organizations by making them faster, cheaper, and more automated. Blockchain reduces overhead and transaction costs by reducing ... Read More

Difference between Quantum Supremacy and Bitcoin

Vineet Nanda
Updated on 16-Dec-2022 15:46:50
The long-term viability of Bitcoin is in jeopardy. The announcement by Google that it has built a quantum computer, which can quickly hack bitcoin and the encryption on which the internet relies, and which can do mathematical tasks that are mathematically impossible, was the impetus for this. However, recent research claims that quantum supremacy won't change Bitcoin in any way. However, what exactly sets Bitcoin apart from quantum supremacy? Let’s try and find that out in this difference-based article. What is Quantum Supremacy? The term, “Quantum Supremacy” is a reference to the fact that quantum computers, which are fueled by ... Read More

Difference between Chainalysis and Elliptic

Vineet Nanda
Updated on 13-Dec-2022 15:34:17
Although the adoption of blockchain technology is on the rise, tracking the volume of its transactions remains challenging. There is a growing need for cryptocurrency exchanges and banks to prove that they are not being used to finance terrorism, crime, or other unlawful activities now that cryptocurrencies are accessible on the main network. Legislation has been passed in some countries, including Japan, Singapore, and the United States, requiring the origin of cryptocurrency payments. Chainalysis and Elliptic are two companies that have thrived as a result of the need to keep tabs on the market value of cryptocurrencies. albeit they ... Read More

What are Straits, NEO, NXT, and EOS Blockchains?

Riddhi Sultania
Updated on 13-Dec-2022 10:30:03
Introduction Blockchain is a shared and immutable ledger technology that allows for recording transactions in a corporate network and the acquisition of digital assets. While providing transparency and data verification, blockchain technology is less resistant to fraud and cyber threats than previous record−keeping methods. It also lets you track orders, finances, production, and payments. Because of the numerous uses of this technology, corporations and financial institutions are always on the lookout for blockchain experts. About Stratis, NEO, NXT, and EOS Stratis Stratis is a dynamic and adaptable blockchain Development Platform created by Chris Strew (CEO of Stratis) to assist corporations ... Read More

Why is Python used in Blockchain?

Riddhi Sultania
Updated on 12-Dec-2022 17:58:43
Introduction Blockchains are essential ledgers that record and conduct various transactions in a business network. Many programming languages like Java and C++ are majorly used in blockchains. However, the authorities and their workers are switching to Python in recent times. Many reasons can be stated for the same. Python is the programming language that is now gaining more and more acceptance all across the globe for its ease of use as well as its excellent results. It keeps the data and information secure and away from the reach of people who try to alter or delete the data vehemently. What ... Read More
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