What is a ketogenic diet?

Yes, we can lose weight by just controlling our diet without exercising. So, here is the diet that should be followed to lose 10 kilograms in a month. This diet is a zero carbohydrate diet known as a ketogenic diet which consists 80% of fat and 20% of protein. Let us look into the diet in detail.

What is a ketogenic diet?

A ketogenic diet is basically high in fat, moderate in protein and very low in carbohydrates. Cutting carbohydrates will help you in losing weight in the quick span of time.

How does ketogenic diet work?

  • As carbs are reduced and fats are increased in the body then the body enters into a state called ketosis.

  • The body starts turning fat into ketones for production of energy throughout the body.

  • All the Indian foods consist of carbs especially rice, roti etc., many people find it difficult to follow this diet. If we cut down carbs to 20grams a day then within a month we can lose 10kgs.

  • Staple food on keto consists of butter, cheese, eggs, meat, fish, nuts and some low-carb vegetables.

  • All the carb sources must be eliminated, including grains, rice, milk, potatoes, sweets, fruits, and some high-carb vegetables.

  • The fundamental thing in a ketogenic diet is that you have to count the carbohydrate intake on a daily basis, not the calories.

  • All the fried foods can be taken in this diet but avoid flour topping on the dishes.

  • Eggs are most important on this diet because it has a lot of protein and as well as fat.

  • All the good fats like cottage cheese, butter, cheese are zero carb foods and one can have these foods irrespective of quantities.

  • Breakfast with boiled eggs/omelet/sprouts along with green tea/black coffee.

  • No sugar items and honey are allowed on this diet.

  • For lunch/dinner one can have grilled chicken, fish, pork, beef and if u are vegetarian try eating cottage cheese.

  • Do not mix any of the above dishes with rice or roti.

  • Low-carb Vegetables like Lady's finger, Eggplant, Cabbage, Cauliflower, Mushrooms, Stoya beans, and Gherkin can be taken.

  • Avoid dairy products except for curd in this diet because curd has very less amount of carbs.

  • Cottage cheese is 100% fat and zero carbs, so it is totally allowed on a keto diet.

  • Vegetarians might find difficult in this diet but there is much food for vegetarians to eat. However, meat lovers do not find it difficult in this diet because all meats are allowed in this diet.

Easy to follow

  • Vegetarians can have a bowl any vegetable curry along with curd for a taste during lunch/dinner.

  • Coming to snacks, all the Dry fruits can be taken on this diet like almonds, pistachios, peanuts.

  • Avoid all fruits except Apple and Avocados because they low in carb and high in protein.

If you are following all the above food for a month even without any exercise, weight loss of 10 kilograms is assured. However, exercise would be an added advantage but one must follow this strict diet to see quicker results. Inch loss is faster than weight loss in the diet, so do not panic if your weight becomes constant for a week or so because there will be inch loss in that duration of time.