What does the subject child psychology deal with and what is its scope?

Child psychology is the field of study about the behavior, development and growth patterns of children and their problems during the adolescence phase. There is a growing need for child psychologists today, thanks to nuclear families, scores of electronic gadgets and a lot of exposure to all kinds of evils in the society at a younger age.

The scope of a child psychologist

  • A child psychologist’s role has gained importance lately with the awareness of children mental health issues and their impact on later life.

  • The child psychologist conducts scientific research on the development of a child.

  • He/ she works with clients and tries to diagnose and treat learning disorders, developmental disorders, and socializing disorders by administering several psychological tests to the concerned children.

  • They work in tandem with the concerned elders be it parents, teachers or clients and help them to manage the behavioral issues by providing apt solutions.

Fields in which the child psychologist is involved and the role he or she plays.


  • A child psychologist gives counselling to students and helps them in choosing the apt field of study according to their capability and aptitude by providing guidance and information.

  • They observe students and diagnoses learning disabilities in them and provides suitable measures to overcome them.

  • They conduct assessments and help students in overcoming their academic problems. Parents are also given suitable counselling to help such students as to how positive reinforcement and care can help students.

  • The child psychologist also guides the students by counselling them in case they are struggling with any family problems, or other social issues like racial discrimination or color discrimination; or peer group pressure; or ragging at school or in cases of child abuse.

  • They help in building confidence and goal orientation in students and help in improving their academic performance through positive reinforcement.


  • When child is involved in the middle of a court issue like child custody in divorce cases or when the child needs to testify in the court of law or is a prime witness in any case in the court, then the child psychologist plays a very important role in guiding and helping the child through this traumatic time.

  • He prepares the child mentally and boosts confidence and teaches the etiquette required.

Psychiatric hospitals and clinics

  • They conduct tests to certify the mental health of a child and diagnose any mental disorders.

  • They administer psychological tests to create a treatment plan for every client and help their family and the patient to overcome or cope with the illness diagnosed by suggesting treatment.

  • They conduct therapy sessions to improve the mental health of the patient by working along with doctors and psychiatrists at health centers or mental hospitals.

The modern stressful world creates more opportunity and enhances the role significance of a child psychologist in our lives. As the saying goes “catch them young”, It is always better to treat any problems at a younger age and nip them in the bud rather than allow the demon to grow inside and ruin them.