What benefits can one get out of tea bags?

Tea is a beverage liked by people all over the world. The packing and packaging have been changed over the years thanks to innovative ideas and interest shown by connoisseurs. The tea bag packing is the end result on one such passionate tea addict. Tea bags are available in different flavors and sizes making it easy and compact for the consumers.

Generally, people throw away tea bags after use. Here are some interesting ways in which the used tea bags can be put to other than simply brewing tea.

  • The generally known use of used tea bags is that they help in clearing dark circles under the eyes when applied on the eyes. Tea bags also provide relief to tired eyes and reduce swelling and puffiness.

  • Tea has antioxidant properties hence can be used while taking a warm water bath. The tea bags when added to the bucket of warm water for bath, provide relief to the sore and dry skin and one can enjoy aromatherapy.

  • Inflammation of the skin or joints can be reduced by applying the moist tea bags on the spot.

  • Massaging with the used tea bags can help soothe and cool sunburn skin.

  • Tea bags also help in providing relief from stings and bites of insects.

  • The aroma of the tea leaves in the tea bags helps in numerous ways. It helps in eliminating the odour from the kitchen after cooking hence acting as a room freshener. Tea bags can be hung in corners of the rooms inconspicuously and can be used as the air freshener in living rooms.

  • Moist tea bags after use can be used to clean glass surfaces and mirrors to remove grime, dirt or oil stains.

  • Tea bags act as detergents when added to clothes while washing .the oil stains or grease stains on clothes can be rid of easily with tea bags.

  • The tea leaves from tea bags can help in conditioning the hair when used to wash hair.

  • Used tea bags can be helpful in polishing wooden surfaces and add shine to polished furniture or doors and windows.

  • Peppermint tea or green tea bags if are used to brew tea can be used as a natural mouth wash or mouth freshener. The tea bags can also be used to cool the sore or bleeding gums if applied on the area for a few minutes.

  • Tea acts as a natural diuretic so tea bags can be easily carried to make tea any time and anywhere if you get some hot water. Mainly during travel tea addicts can use the tea bags to satisfy their urge to have tea.

  • Used Tea bags can help in reducing warts or skin rashes when applied on the specific area as tea fights bacterial growth.

  • Oil stains; grease and burnt dishes can be scrubbed and made to shine with the help of moist or used tea bags.

  • The aroma of the tea lingers even after brewing tea with the bags. So the tea bags can be effectively reused to deodorize hands by scrubbing with them after cutting onions or fish that leave a terrible odour.

  • Tea bags help in warding off rodents and other pests from gardens if left out in open or spraying the tea brewed with tea bags; and keeping spiders, insects, and ants away from kitchen cupboards if left in the shelves or racks.

  • Tea bags can be reused for a pedicure to deodorize feet or to clear dead skin and provide relief to tired feet.

  • Tea bags can help in nourishing the soil thereby aiding in plant growth. They act both as fertilizer and pesticide too.

  • Tea bags or tea leaves from the bags can be used to clean rugs or carpets and keep them lint free or odour free.

  • Tea bags can be stored in the refrigerator to keep the fridge odour free. Vanilla flavored tea bags can add an extra aroma to the fridge.

  • The adding of tea bags of different flavors to the food containers can add an extra rich flavor to foodstuffs like oatmeal or pasta or other kinds of teas.

  • If moist tea bags are left in smelly shoes for a few minutes the aroma of the tea bag rubs onto the shoe insides and acts as a deodorizer.

So from now on when using tea bags just remember the various other uses they can be put to in our daily chores and use them beneficially. Let the tea bags spread their flavors and enrich our lives. Let us all reap many more benefits from using and reusing tea bags.