What are the upcoming cars in 2018?

Everyone dreams of owning a car someday after the years of hard work they put in their life. A car is something everyone desires and must have in their life. Sometimes a car gives you more satisfaction than owning a huge house.

The car which you own may not be a branded car such as Audi or BMW or Mercedes. A simple car is enough to satisfy all your needs in your life.

The upcoming cars in 2018 are:

Tata Nexon

  • Tata Nexon is an SUV type of car. A lot of people prefer SUV over sedans and hatchback type of cars.

  • The model Tata Nexon is expected to arrive in 2018, with the latest features and improved interiors. The estimated price is around 6.5 to 9 lakhs.

  • The exterior of this car has also been changed. New speakers have been installed in this car. The capacity of the engine has been increased, with an output of 90 horsepower at 4000 rpm. It consists of a multijet diesel engine.

Skoda Octavia RS

  • Skoda Octavia RS is a totally newly designed vehicle from interiors to exteriors. The design has been changed completely.

  • The first Octavia model was released in 2000's in India. Every four years there has been a new facelift for the cars. And this new Skoda Octavia RS is the facelift for 2018.

  • It's expected to be launched in the month of August. The estimated price is around 18 to 21 lakhs.

  • The model Octavia has been a favorite model in the Indian market. The sales have been increasing every single year. A lot of growth has been observed in these models. This model uses a 1.8-litre turbocharged four-cylinder engine.

Land Rover Range Rover Velar

  • Land Rover Range Rover Velar is the newest edition in the Range Rover models. People all over the world are in love with the range rover models.

  • The range rover models have all ways been a huge hit in the Indian market and also the outside market.

  • The Range Rover Velar has been improvised with better engine capacity and the interior and exterior of the car have totally been changed.

  • Its expected to launch in September and the estimated price of this model would be around 80 to 90 lakhs.

Maruti Suzuki Swift

  • The New version of Maruti Suzuki Swift is going to be the sensation in the Indian market.

  • Swift was always the favorite car in India and loved by all the people in India. People love swift because it has a very reasonable price and all the basic features are installed in the car.

  • Its expected to launch in the month of December. Its price is estimated to be around 6 to 10 lakhs.

Audi Q5

  • Audi Q5 will undergo a facelift in 2018. Every four years cars undergo facelifts.

  • A newly revised edition will come up in 2018. The interior and exterior of this car have been changed. It's expected to launch in the month of October and its price is estimated from 60 to 80 lakhs.