What are the things you should never tell your girlfriend?

Girls are a different gender and so, have a different way of thinking. They would not think or behave like boys and that’s natural. However, they are not as fragile either as depicted in movies. Girls have their own intellect and their own reaction to everything being said and done, and so, there are a few things you must strictly avoid telling your girlfriend if you want a happy and healthy relationship.

Asking Her Not to Get Too Emotional

This is perhaps the cardinal sin that you can make. Getting emotional is a behavioral characteristic that almost every woman on this earth possesses. Girls would often become teary-eyed while having a heated conversation and so, get used to it.

Disclosing Your Savings Details

Acting rich will leave you nowhere cause even the girls are self-driven and self-dependant these days. Talking about how much you have saved or how you manage it will not impress them, but rather repel them with your pricey attitude.

Are You Going through PMS

Wo! Simply steer clear from this statement. Although she must be going through her PMS or may not you don’t know. So, stop judging as you will end up with a fuming lady for sure.

Asking her About Her Sexual Past

No one has ever gained anything knowing about anyone’s sexual past. Just like you would not like to be asked about your past, girls don’t either. They love to keep a few things secret. So, why making them uncomfortable or losing their trust?

You Have Weird Hair

If you have any issues with her makeup, hairstyle, or outfit, it would be smarter to keep it to yourself. After all, they spend hours on these kinds of stuff only to appease you. So, please do not insult them by commenting on their appearance, how they look with or without makeup, and blah blah.