What are the ten things that we are consuming wrong?

Consuming food in the right way is essential for staying healthy and fit. We know the nutrient values and benefits of consuming certain food, but we are not aware of what is the best way to consume it, with which combination and time at which we have to take that item to derive maximum benefits. Let us see where we are going wrong in consuming the regular items.


Sugar is a sweetener that adds taste to our foods and beverages, yet it has many negative effects like weight gain, fat accumulation, diabetes, cholesterol and kidney problems.

It is best to avoid it. If at all consumed, it is advisable to consume in small portion during the daytime and best to avoid it at night.


Banana is a good source of vitamins like B6 and minerals like potassium. It gives energy instantly. It is said to be beneficial to the skin, eyes, heart, bowel movement and helps in weight loss. You can enjoy these benefits only if it is consumed at breakfast. Never take a banana in the night.


The curd is very good for health as it helps fighting constipation. It is a source of protein, carbohydrates, and minerals that assist in curing digestive disorders.

It is advisable to consume curd during the day. If consumed at night may cause acidity and weight gain.


Apple is a fruit best consumed in the morning twilight time. An apple a day keeps the doctor away.

Apple peel is rich in pectin, a dietary fiber. Apple takes time to digest and when eaten at night may cause sleep disturbance.

5.Pulses and beans

Pulses and beans are eaten by many at lunchtime, but it is not advisable. They are best to be consumed at dinnertime.


Rice is a starchy carbohydrate that is best consumed during the day as it takes time to digest and assimilate.

When eaten at night it may cause bloating and weight gain.


Most of us force kids and other family members to start the day with a glass of milk not realizing that milk is best consumed at night.

To derive the full nutritional values and benefits of milk, a high protein drink, it is best to consume it at bedtime.


Water is the most essential liquid that nature has provided us to help our body in the digestion of food and in the cleansing of impurities. Amount of water to be consumed varies from person to person but 6 glasses are advisable per day.

Warm water if taken after an hour after any meal helps in digestion and cleanse the gut of any sticky substance.

9.Tea, coffee, and green tea

Coffee and Tea should be avoided in the night. Green tea consumption is best reserved for later in the afternoon and should not be consumed in the morning.


Finely grounded salt or iodized salt is not good for health. Crystal salt or rock salt are said to be good for health.

It is advised by doctors to reduce the intake of salt to avoid high blood pressure.