What are the signs of a dying relationship?

Relations are sweet when built, but it takes a lot of commitment to take it ahead.

Signs of A Dying Out Relationship

  • Lack of physical intimacy all of a sudden.

  • Little communication and that too with no warmth.

  • Dreams of escapism and you feel happy dreaming about it.

  • No spontaneity, even in WhatsApp messages or calls.

  • No kisses, no hugs. Even staying in the same room is a botheration.

  • Time spent together is not precious.

  • Every time you listen to somebody else’s relationship, you dream of your partner and regret your decision of choosing him/her.

  • You are just dragging the relationship forward. There is no spark left between two of you.

In such a case, it is better to adieu a farewell to one’s relationship, if the communication does not solve the problems between the couple.