What are the home remedies to cure Migraine?


Ice can magically help you reduce a headache you have. Put an ice pack on your scalp, forehead, or neck to get pain relief. Although, it is yet to be discovered how it works this is one of the easiest ways to get rid of the pain. The reason may be ice reduces the blood flow. A frozen gel or a clean cloth rinsed well in cold water.


One of the strongest opponents of a migraine, Caffeine is generally found in tea, coffee, soft drinks, and other food products. Caffeine provides mild relief and helps your body absorb a little migraine drug quicker. But beware, you might get dependent on your caffeine, which can result in not having the symptoms like fatigue and more headaches.

Minerals Can Prove to Be Magical

Minerals like magnesium, which is available in dark-green veggies, nuts, and whole grains. It may not relieve your headache, but scientists have proved that this mineral really helps diminishing migraine. This is also available in the form of a pill, but not without getting prescribed by a physician.

A Dark and Quiet Corner

Bright light and loud noises can worsen your headache. Therefore, find a quiet place from where all the activities are taking place. Pull down the shades whenever you suffer from a migraine. Such techniques can speed up your recovery.


It can be highly recommended in such condition; however, it is strictly forbidden if you are in the middle of a migraine attack. Once you feel comfortable, you can start and even a regular workout can help you keep your headache at bay. Exercise makes your body secrete a chemical called endorphin and also brings the level of stress drastically down which further lets you have a sound sleep.

Sound Sleep

If your sleep is not interrupted by anything, you will automatically be able to keep most of the health troubles at bay and migraine is one of them. A migraine can easily stave off if you maintain your sleep and its timings. Very less or in abundance can trigger your migraine and bring down your capacity to hold it back. Taking a 7-8 hours sleep and strictly following its timings can fetch you dynamic results.


You have to embrace yoga to get your heart pumping, which keeps a migraine at bay, but it can also cause a headache for some. However, yoga proves to be a safe option if you go at a slower pace. Studies have proved that those who perform yoga on a regular basis have fewer chances of getting attacks and have less intensity even if they occur. I have mentioned exercise as one of my previous points and it’s already mentioned there that besides having great pain relief capabilities yoga can also trigger your migraine if not done under guidance.

Vitamin B2

Vitamin B2 is also known as riboflavin and it is available in foods like milk, cheese, fish, and chicken. It is also available as a pill. In any form, Vit B2 can help you get rid of your pain without any side effect.

Cut Down the Triggers

Certain foods can be one of the biggest causes to boost your migraine. Besides, the environment around you can also be a major trigger. You need to find out that very cause, which boosts your pain and troubles you time and again. A few common foods like aged cheese, red wine, cured meats, etc. and bright lights, strong odors, living at a high altitude can be the major triggers.


Not very popularly known, but this plant has been used to treat pain since long. On one hand, people doubt its potential while researchers have found that using its extract help reduce the severity of headaches for some people.

Updated on: 30-Jul-2019


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