What are the habits causing a huge drop in fertility in men and women?

The constant drop in fertility levels in men and women these days is largely due to their changed lifestyle as well as habits. So, if you are planning a baby soon, but not yet getting the desired results, there must be something you need to give heed. Following are the factors causing infertility in men and women these days.

Smoking Wreaks Havoc

Whoever said smoking kills was absolutely right, as the tobacco can slowly cause the death of fertility especially among women. According to experts, tobacco contains more than 250 by-products known as oocyte toxic that leaves a chronic toxic effect on the egg environment inside the ovary follicle. Overall, smoking reduces the fertile years, getting the menopause closer by five years.

The Weight Gain Effect

Those added kilos affect fertility levels in both men and women. If you feed on junk food and stay inactive with no exercise, the chances of contracting ailments like diabetes and cancer become very high leading to infertility.

Hot Yoga Sessions

According to experts, the more heat, the lesser the sperms and so, the testicles should be at a temperature which is two degrees lower than the usual body temperature to be able to produce sperms. Staying away from hot yoga, steam sessions, saunas, hot tubs, and hot baths is wise if you are planning for a baby.

Get Rid of Antidepressants

There are certain medications that men should especially keep away from to ensure proper erection and to remain fertile. Antidepressants are one such medication that should be especially avoided by men as it has a damaging effect sexual performance and sperms.

Excess Caffeine

Coffee can be refreshing, but more than two cups a day reduces sperm production. It’s better to quit the coffee habit when the man is trying to impregnate his wife.

Updated on: 30-Jul-2019


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