What are the features of ODBC?

ODBC drivers implements standard SQL syntax, following are the important features of ODBC:

  • Inter-operability: Using ODBC driver you can develop applications which can communicate with different Database Management Systems and, you can switch/migrate your application from one database to other easily.

  • SQL Syntax: ODBC implements SQL syntax for easy understanding. Whenever an SQL statement passed to the ODBC driver it matches the given statement to the SQL 92 standard and writes the respective SQL statement that is accepted by an underlying database.

  • Rich metadata: ODBC provides rich support to metadata. It provides functions to get data about both functions and datatypes.

  • Attributes: ODBC also provides functions to get the details of the attributes and functions used in the drivers.

  • Error codes: It supports error code mechanism to indicate the issues occur while processing the SQL statements.

Updated on: 30-Jul-2019


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