What are the three features of blood?

The three features of blood are:

1. Transportation

The blood transports oxygen from the lungs, nutrients from the digestive tract, hormones from the glands, to the cells of the body.

Blood also picks up cellular waste products and byproducts and transports them to various organs for removals, like transportation of carbon dioxide to the lungs for exhalation, and various waste products to the kidneys and liver for excretion from the body in the form of urine or bile.

2. Regulation 

The blood helps to regulate, and balance pH by interacting with acids and bases. It also regulates water by transferring it to and from tissues

3. Protection

Blood protects us by clotting together very quickly to stop bleeding, when a blood vessel gets damaged.

It contains white blood cells, antibodies, and other proteins that destroy invading microorganisms, cancer cells, and pathogenic substances.


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Updated on: 31-Mar-2023


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