What are the differences between Skype and Facebook Messenger?

Skype is a Microsoft product which offers free video and audio calling which is also having the ability to call landlines and smartphones with paid services anywhere in the world. It has a first mover advantage. It came into existence before the Facebook messenger.

Facebook Messenger allows users to play in-app games, make video and audio calls along with sending or receiving payments. It is tied up with the social media platform. It is not a paid service. It is free of cost.


The major differences between Skype and Facebook Messenger −

SkypeFacebook Messenger
Skype doesn’t have stories and it makes a professional feel. We can view people on our contacts list, tap on the call button to see recent calls or initiate a new one.In Messenger, We can see a list of our online friends, search for them or tap on the camera icon to create a story.
Skype is focused on calls mostlyMessenger mostly focus on chart
Skype is an ad freeMessenger contains the Ads
The IOS app size of Skype is 175MBThe IOS app size of Facebook Messenger is 33MB
The Android app size of Skype is 37.2MBThe Android app size of messenger is 10.4 MB
Skype will not integrated with social networksMessenger is integrated with social networks
Skype takes a more focused approach where you can plan events, create polls, and work together towards a common goalMessenger takes a more casual approach with games and other things - ideal if you want to pass the time or have a fun chat with contacts.
Skype is very straightforward.In Messenger there are no shortcuts on the contact screen. To initiate a call on Messenger, we need to open the chat window.
We can call up to 25 people in a group callWe can start groups calls with up to 50 members
It is very useful for travelers who need to stay connected with clients and customers. You can also record calls.We can't call regular landline numbers or the mobile numbers that aren't synced with Messenger.
Generally Skype encrypts messages from the sender's to the receiver device.Facebook encrypts from the sender’s device to Facebook servers, and from Facebook servers to the receiver’s device
Skype can be installed on Windows, macOS, web, iOS, and Android.Messenger is present on the web, and smartphones that can be run using Android or iOS
If you seek an app for work with the ability to make international calls, plan trips and meetings, Skype is more suitable for that.If we want to have fun while chatting, play games, messenger is best
Skype requires sign in option, as it not integrated with any other social networkSigning in with your Facebook account can be faster and easier if you don’t want to spend time filling in a registration page

Updated on: 17-Mar-2022


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