What are the differences between Google Hangouts and Skype?

Let us understand the concepts of Skype and Google Hangouts before learning the differences between them.


Skype is a telecommunication application that provides the feature of video and voice calling to the user with the help of the internet via computer, laptop, tablet, smart phones etc.

Skype was launched in the year 2003 by Niklas Zennström, from Denmark. However, it gained popularity from 2010. In the covid-19 situation, skype acquired a huge market. In March 2020, Skype was used by 100 million people on a monthly basis and by 40 million people on a daily basis, which was a 70% increase in the number of daily users from the previous month, due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The strategies adopted by skype for grabbing such a huge market are as follows −

  • Introducing the video and audio call features via the internet.

  • It is less costly because the calls are via the internet only.

  • With the help of skype we can do conference video and audio calls i.e. in a single call we can add many people at the same time.

  • In the time of coronavirus where all the work is done online only then skype takes the advantage of this time very efficiently and effectively.

  • Skype also gives you the advantage of instant messaging.

  • Easy to handle or use.

  • Time saving.


The advantages of Skype are as follows −

  • It is practically pervasive (more than 600 million supporters) and it's anything but difficult to convey (accepting your IT strategy doesn't preclude it) you can be ready for action in no time.

  • It is easy to understand; everybody has heard accounts of grandmother utilizing it to interface with their terrific children. Along these lines, if grandmother can utilize it, it must be straightforward, which can't generally be said for all work area video customers.


The disadvantages of Skype are as follows −

  • Multi-Party Audio/Visual Conference Calling Reliability

  • Sound/Visual Integration

  • Multiple People in a Meeting Room for Video Conferencing

  • Clear Audio for Multiple People in Audio Conferencing

Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts is a communications platform launched in the year 2013 by Google which helps the users to start and join in different communication channels like instant messaging, voice calls, and video calls.


The features of Google Hangouts are as follows −

  • Instant Messaging

  • Voice Calls

  • HD Video Calls

  • HD Group Conferencing

  • Auto Screen Focus

  • Intelligent Muting

  • Compatibility with multiple computing devices

  • Built-in screen sharing

  • Hangout on Air

  • Integration with other Google applications

  • Custom Control for Admins


The advantages of Google Hangouts are as follows −

  • There are no charges to be paid. It’s completely free.

  • Good for quick chatting.

  • It can be used seamlessly in your desktop, laptop or phones and tablet.

  • The video quality is good. Thus it can be used for video calls and official video meetings as well.

  • The chats are saved automatically making it easy for us to go back and check the past chats.

  • One can set his status to available, busy, in meetings or set a custom status. This helps one to know who is available for chat.

  • You can have one on one chats as well as group chats. Create groups and systemize easy chats.

  • It is integrated with other Google products which are quite secure.

  • The interface is very user friendly

  • Being a Google product, the software is always getting updated and improving.


The disadvantages of Google Hangouts are as follows −

  • You require an internet connection to avail Google hangouts

  • The connection sometimes gets dropped in between. It requires high bandwidth and a stable internet connection.

  • You cannot modify or delete a chat after it is sent.

  • You need to send an invitation in order to chat with someone new. This lengthens the process.

  • There is no call analytics

  • The desktop version requires chrome as a web app. One has to download chrome to use Google hangouts on their desktop.

  • There must be a voice / video recording feature included.

  • Google Hangouts can be used for conducting office meetings, but it can be used for small and mid-sized meetings. It is not designed for large group meetings or big organizations.

Updated on: 21-Mar-2022


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