What are the chances of getting postpartum depression even for the second child?

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Having a second child is like going through the joys and excitements for the second time. After having a few mixed experiences previously, you might have a fear of having the Postpartum depression again! This actually depends upon the intensity of depression you had previously.

Doctors say that the risk of having this depression is high if the Postpartum depression you had is a bipolar one or if you had a Postpartum psychosis. If you had the unipolar Postpartum depression, the risk of having it for the second time is low.

However, few depression preventive steps, when followed both during and after pregnancy, can help you this time to get rid of this.

  • While you are pregnant, be active and go on with your pre-natal exercises. Meet your friends and loved ones to be cheerful and happy.

  • Prepare well to welcome your new family member and try to arrange for some assistance after delivery to look after the newborn. Take care that you don’t neglect your elder child.

  • Seek your doctor’s advice if you need to continue the usage of any anti-depressant medicines if being used previously, both during and after delivery.

  • Have more sleep and follow perfect timings for your diet to keep yourself fit and fine.

  • Though the baby blues kick in, tell yourself that everything is going to be okay, and hence it will be. Let there be someone to reassure you when you feel low.

  • Think of the happy moments which all of you are going to have and observe the happiness and love as you grow slowly, towards your newborn, like never before!

  • Take a mild dosage of meds prescribed by your physician if needed and therapy would really help you to get out of it.

It’s not a good idea to avoid a second child in the fear of facing PPD. Show the depression that your willpower can beat this trivial thing.

Published on 31-Jan-2019 16:42:06