What Are The Best Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Tools?


SEM, or search engine marketing, is one of the best strategies to expand your clientele and draw in new consumers. While it's important to use organic tactics to draw visitors over the long haul, there are occasions when you just can't compete on the SERPs without investing money, which is where SEM comes into play.

The first step in giving your company an online presence is not purchasing a domain name and creating a website. Additionally, you must advertise your website online. Website owners may advertise their sites, increase site traffic, and increase conversion rates with the use of search engine marketing (SEM) technologies.

It's simple to see why you require an SEM tool. This is because you cannot simply whip together an SEM campaign, launch it, and hope for some leads to come back. Instead, you need a solid strategy to support your marketing initiatives, and employing the appropriate tools is the best approach to creating clever SEM campaigns.

Choosing the appropriate SEM instrument is crucial as a result. But locating the ideal one can be difficult, much like seeking a needle in a haystack. Fortunately, several choices are easily accessible.

HubSpot's Ad Tracking Software

The HubSpot Ads tool enables you to examine exactly how advertisements are impacting contacts at different stages of the buyer's journey, going beyond traffic and click analytics. This will assist you in determining whether advertisements are effective, defending SEM as a channel, and integrating your advertising with the rest of your marketing initiatives.

You may obtain the following noteworthy and distinctive capabilities with HubSpot's ad tracking software −

  • Automating ad targeting using Lists to align your audience and leads for better targeting options.

  • Running advertising campaigns on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and Google.

  • Summarize leads and return on investment from the sites where you advertise (e.g., Google, LinkedIn).

  • Using information from HubSpot CRM can help you influence your campaigns and determine which advertisements are most likely to turn contacts into paying customers.

  • Understanding audience behaviour by determining which contacts acted and interacted with your advertising.


One of the top SEM tools, SEMRush assists online marketers in building a solid SEM account from the ground up. You may use this tool for a variety of tasks, including keyword research, keyword rank tracking, competitor backlink audits, site audits, traffic analysis, and page analytics.

The following list of 5 SEMRush features will help you strengthen your campaigns  

  • Finding high-value keyword gaps

  • Identifying top-performing rival ad copy

  • Seeing how your competitors convert paid traffic

  • Observing which displays creatives are utilised

  • Analysing competition keywords and spending over time

Google Trends

You may determine which search phrases are trending and which ones aren't by using Google Trends to analyse search traffic for a certain keyword across a given location, language, or time. This is a helpful tool for your SEM efforts since you don't want to invest money in a term that is losing popularity.

Additionally, especially if you work for an e-commerce company, being able to determine how popular your product or service is in each region is surely useful for ensuring that your paid advertising is targeted to those areas, which will ultimately save you money.


The tool takes your main keyword and offers you several words and phrase variants, enabling you to compile a longer list of potential keywords you might wish to use in a sponsored advertisement.

To be sure your targeted keywords are becoming more popular and will continue to be useful to you in the long run, you may use the tool to examine Google search trends.

You may produce tens of thousands of keywords with the Keyword Tool. The tool is fantastic for online marketers, proprietors of online stores, and content producers.

  • Get search volume information for 192+ countries and 46+ languages.

  • Generate over 750+ keywords.

  • Generate keywords from Google, YouTube, Bing, Amazon, eBay, Twitter, Instagram, and the Play Store.

  • Get search volume from Google Ads.

Google Ads Keyword Planner

It makes sense to consider utilising Google Keyword Planner to study pertinent keywords for your business and maintain track of how searches for certain keywords vary over time because Google is probably where you want your advertising to appear. It will assist you in selecting the most suitable keywords for your company from a list of potential ones.

Additionally, Google Term Planner provides you with suggested bid ranges for each keyword so you can choose the ones that fit within your advertising budget. Most significantly, you may start an ad campaign directly from the programme after you have identified your optimal keywords.


SpyFu provides insightful advice that can increase click-throughs to your SEO or Adwords efforts. The finest keyword options are made accessible to you once any problematic keywords are eliminated. The nice benefit is that keyword research doesn't need testing. By using previous successes and failures as a guide, you may learn from your rivals' mistakes.

After doing a domain search, SpyFu will provide feedback on several metrics.

  • The number of keywords that your chosen domain presently achieves Google rankings for, using both SEO and PPC. Additionally, you can view each Adwords keyword that the company has purchased, along with every organic keyword for which they have ranked and each ad variant they have used over the last 12 years.

  • The main SEO and PPC rivals for this business

  • The number of links pointing to this domain


As an advertising management solution, WordStream can help you research, measure, and optimize your ads for performance. It has a strong focus on helping you pick up quick wins and cut down on management time within your account.

With its WordStream Advisor, you can activate the “20 Minute Work Week” workflow, including 9 well-defined items. As its name suggests, you can optimize your account, complete your reporting, and spin up new ad creative within just 20 minutes per week. The software will also analyse your PPC campaigns and send recommendations on how you can improve your campaigns.

Moreover, you can build campaigns, identify positive and negative keywords, as well as adjust your budgets. The platform also lets you create optimized landing pages, and track and build reports around conversion and call data.

Digital marketing initiatives are more successful when using SEM tools. What should you do after compiling a list of effective SEM tools?

  • Regularly review your budget and determine which SEM methods are most effective for your website.

  • Monitor the most recent developments in SEM aspects, such as Google Ads, PPC, CPC, etc., and adjust your approach to consider the new developments.

  • Don't be afraid to use a different tool if the first one isn't working for you.

  • Give the mobile paid approach the same weight as other strategies because a lot of traffic may come from mobile devices.

  • Brands should employ geo-targeting when promoting their websites to local consumers. This will guarantee that local buyers see the sponsored website advertised.

  • Produce distinctive advertising material that can quickly grab the attention of your target market. Your goal should be to identify the issues your potential clients are facing and show how your goods or services may help.


SEM software offers useful insights that support the expansion of your online business in a setting where competition is on the rise. These resources may be used by website owners for keyword research, budgeting for online ad campaigns, and outcomes analysis.