How to use the new search engine jelly

With all new search engines available it makes finding things lot easier. Yes, we are talking about the latest trending search engine Jelly or let’s say Ask Jelly. A search engine for busy people. It gets custom and concise answers for humans. But feeling and understanding are things which people still do better than algorithms.

The latest version of Jelly i.e. Jelly 2.1 has a new feature referred as the magic answers. It can answer tens of thousands of questions. By magic answer we means that one great or best answer will be shown which is highly relevant with your question. In case if they don’t answer then request for custom one.

Jelly is different than other search engines. Jelly uses pictures and people in our social networks to answer our question. So extracting answers from people is very different from asking algorithms.

Here people are helping people by answering their questions, different people keep different perspective to your question, making you think of all the factors and you have a human touch and feel. We cannot ignore the fact that algorithms lack concise, they cannot understand your feelings, they answer according to their data.

Every time the word jelly comes to our mind its mouth watering, then we think no we can’t eat it, here it’s a search engine. Just being funny, yet another reason for using jelly is its funny. No it wont give these kind of stupid jokes.

Given below are three key features for giving jelly a shot:

You Follow and you get Followed with Search Engine Jelly

Jelly works with your current social network. It finds the group mind of your social network, just like a circle, what goes around comes around. You ask questions and all your social group answers them, they ask and you answer them.

Not just friends but this linking goes on, you answer your friends, friends of your friends then their friends. So, a group is made and you are bombarded with loads of answers to one single question.

Moving Forward with Search Engine Jelly

The questions you ask in jelly is not just restricted to your peers, it is forwarded to everyone outside the app. Sometimes your friend or their friends don’t know the answer, but someone somewhere knows.

Jelly finds this someone somewhere to answer your question. It stands by the idea of finding strength in weak ties. It’s a small world and jelly aims to connect everyone with everyone.

In Jelly using images while asking a question deepens the context in the first place, it adds more depth to your question, not to forget your situation.

To be precise you can zoom, crop, edit or even custom your image.

These features will make you quite desperate to try jelly as soon as possible, as there are thousands of questions unanswered and you are not yet comfortable asking them openly. So, this is where you take your bag of questions, yes to a search engine, Jelly-the problem solver or the answer to all your questions.

Working of Search Engine Jelly

Let’s take a simple daily life scenario, you are walking down the streets and you come across something unusual. Now you want to know what is that thing? so you think of asking jelly. You take a picture, circle it through your fingers and tag it with what’s this. This is distributed to people in your network.

All the people in your social network are notified about your question, they give different answers to your questions. Every time you receive an answer you are notified by Jelly, and within no time you know what was that thing.

No matter how sophisticated an algorithm is, it cannot match human experience, creativity, emotions, understandings, feelings and human brain. Jelly is a creative way of linking people with each other, helping the one you know or sometimes helping those who your friends know just by answering.

Jelly is a creative way of finding something, it makes helping others easy and fun. Next time you think you do no good to people think again, did you help someone just by answering something you know and they don’t.

Jelly actually searches people first. It is made up of lots of algorithms, it learns people interests and knowledge. In short, jelly knows what do you know, your skills and knowledge, then it acknowledges what is your question regarding. It will then link your question with people.

Not all the people but the priority will always be asking people who would be able to answer your question correctly. One more thing, jelly is not just a smart phone app, you can try int on the online web too.

Jelly is a combination of human knowledge along with technology. Answering all the questions on demand, bringing people from different corners of the world all together.

The only search engine which can say that you have asked the wrong question. All the questions you wanted to ask but couldn’t as you were too embarrassed to ask, jelly answers them, by maintaining anonymity.

Some part of AI has been used in designing jelly, along with developing routing algorithm. All the questions and answers are loaded with meta-data.

People with experience, who know what could possible go wrong and how to handle the situation correctly. They will answer you and if you want you can connect with them through social network.

People Power Search Engine Jelly

Yes we all want help and want to help others. Jelly replaces the wanting to help by giving you a chance to actually help everyone and seek help when you need it.

One more question is do I need an account to ask jelly? Of course no, but if you are willing to share your knowledge then it is good if you have an account. Creating an account in jelly and exploring it is free, no subscription or payment is required.

Updated on: 18-Oct-2019


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